DINO GIRL GAUKO Trailer (2019)

DINO GIRL GAUKO Trailer (2019) Netflix

Created by acclaimed director Akira Shigino (Crayon Shin-chan, Line Town & Osomatsu-Kun), the original animated kids comedy series centers on Naoko Watanabe, a young pre-teen girl living an average life in Japan, who just happens to turn into the fire-breathing dinosaur Gauko when her anger exceeds a maximum level.

The addition of the series is a youthful take on the exploration of anger like what was done with the Netflix animated hit Aggretsuko. From dealing with the first day at a new school to combating a pimple during picture day, a new and relatable character is introduced to a younger audience via Naoko. Dino Girl Gauko joins a robust lineup of Netflix original animated series for kids by creators from all over the world.

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