Vlog of Apunjie (Sister, Sister)| I visited the last wild Asian elephant of Yunnan Sishuangbanna!

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Yunnan is a very resource-rich place. More than 300 wild Asian elephants live in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. Very few in number, and very need protection. This time, I had an opportunity to visit the wild Asian elephant’s survival environment, so I went there and checked their survival status. We have found that many local environmental groups are working hard to protect elephants. I think this is a very good start. And there is a very long way to go. So, I hope that more people will pay attention to the wild Asian elephant, and we hope that we work together for the symbiosis between humans and elephants.
From now on, “I hope that birds live in the forest, fish live in the water, and animals live on the land, so that we can grow our garden together.”

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