The only and unique Mimi – Nishi black soil free-range chicken

Nishi is a large village in Shangri-La Prefecture. It is also a road that must be passed on the old road where cars and horses were traded. There is a 2,000-year history of pottery making here. The baking process is peculiar, so black pottery is made. That’s why the pottery baked in this region is called’Nishi Heukdo’.
In addition to black, Nishi has free-range chicken. Even though I’m less than 2 years old, I still have 2 pounds (1 kilogram). Boiled and eaten Nishi-gye with Nishi Black Porcelain is called ‘Jangjeon-Gye’ or’ Heuk-gye (meaning to boil chicken)’. It tastes very fresh, and once you taste it, it’s unforgettable. You must taste it when you come to Shangri-La~

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