The right house: the perfect display

Owners Patrick Moran and Jordan Budde created a stylish backdrop for their midcentury modern furnishings. An old department-store fixture lights a vintage conference table in the dining room; French chairs from the 1950s sport the velvet upholstery they came with.

Television exec Patrick Moran is used to finding properties and developing them. He helped turn Prison Break and Bones into hits and ushered Women’s Murder Club onto home screens earlier this season. But in his free time, the L.A. resident seeks properties of a different sort—the kind that come with a house and a mortgage. A habitual remodeler, Moran had barely settled into his last home when he started searching for a replacement. He and his partner, television writer and playwright Jordan Budde, had accumulated a small but carefully chosen collection of midcentury modern furniture and wanted a setting that would show it off. Instead of looking for a property of similar vintage, however, Moran envisioned something older. “I liked the idea of juxtaposing a lot of really modern furniture and a very traditional setting,” he says.

Perfect Palette
Set your own nifty stage for colorful furnishings with these designer picks of paint and fabric.

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