Animated film inspired house

The colorful home that belonged to Carl Fredricksen, the elderly widower and protagonist of Pixar’s 2009 movie “Up,” has landed in Santa Clara’s historical Old Quad neighborhood.

Hosam Haggog and Fatima Rahman decided to paint their Victorian home to resemble the house because of their two daughters. “They love the movie ‘Up’ and we just thought we’d give them something fun to be proud of,” said Hosam in an interview with NBC Bay Area.

But not everyone approves of their design inspiration. “It really, in my opinion, is atrocious that this Victorian is a gracious old lady, and it’s been painted up to look like a clown,” said neighbor Lou Faria.

TELL US: Would you mind living next to this colorful, “Up”-inspired home?

Photos: Walt Disney Co./courtesy Everett Collection; NBC Bay Area

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